Rickenbacker 360/12 Limited Edition Blue Boy 2006

$ 4329.88

You know, Blue Boys are as rare as hen’s teeth, go try to find one available in such a great condition. No color fade or yellow areas!

Rickenbacker 360-12 Limited Edition Blue Boy
(coty = color of the year)
Serial 06-01203 = Jan 2006

It’s always a question of personal taste, but IMHO this light mint blue color suits the unique body shape just perfectly.

Some Rickenbacker guitars have the high gain pickups, but factory installed on this one are the vintage Toaster pickups. The headstock holds 12 smooth Schaller tuners with the double cut going through the wood (some models have a closed headstock, which is harder to clean).

It comes in the modern OHSC (original hardshell case) with some case candy, tools and keys.

Neck plays like a dream, action is low, electronics are all fine. Sound is quite rich and full, lots of bass. But that can be rolled off at the amp to reach more twang. Of course you can get the classic jingley Beatles sound with it, no doubt.

There are slight finish fissures at the neck joint, some Rics have this issue, but this is no harm to structural stability. Besides some other slight scratches on the back of the cutaway horns there are no more cracks or fissures elsewhere, this guitar has been kept as careful as possible. See photos.

Shipping to EU only!

I’ll refuse shipping to other countries because there’s too much hassle with customs and tax. These regions have their own market with rare guitars.