Rickenbacker 360/12 Fireglo – beautiful & never played

$ 2799.99

This is a stunningly beautiful and new 360/12. The Fireglo finish is out of this world!

This is pure Rickenbacker tone in a killer axe featuring dual “Rick-O-Sound” and standard inputs.

I purchased this USA made beauty new for my collection in 2008 and played it only to test out upon arrival. The bound neck with inlays feels super comfortable and easy to play. The tone is A . I have stored it carefully in a humidity controlled environment and this is in new condition.

The tone, playability, neck profile and balance on this Rick is out of this world. This is an extremely well crafted and resonant instrument. In my opinion, Rickenbacker was building some of their best instruments in this time period.
The workmanship and attention to detail on this Rick is impressive. It plays and sounds fantastic, with zero playtime and zero fret wear.

The tone, resonance, weight balance and quality of the finish & fretboard are out of this world.

Includes original Rickenbacker hard shell case and case contents which are still sealed in original plastic.

Available for local pickup in North San Diego. If you are outside the US, please message me so I can check international shipping rates and availability.

Serial number: 08 35467