Rickenbacker 350/V63 Jetglo (1996)

$ 2762.71

1996 Rickenbacker 350v63 in Jetglo black finish.
Early years of this full scale reissue of John Lennon’s guitar. It’s in very good condition for its age, the pictures will show you that.

My luthier added a white tip on the end of the tremolo arm. It was too sharp before.
It says in tune really well.
I had it wired the Gibson way as the factory wiring gave me a headache.
So, the two pots closer to the pickups are the volumes and the next ones are the tones.
Smaller pot is a master volume and the selector is either neck – middle – bridge.
Which is really cool because the original wiring doesn’t allow you to have just the middle.

It’ll come in a black 330/360 hardcase which is much sturdier (and more expensive) than the original silver one that broke. I used this hardcase to fly it to gigs abroad. The case is in my studio’s storage and it’s almost new. That’s why I didn’t put pictures of it now

Beautiful almost vintage guitar now 😉