Rickenbacker 325 C64

$ 2677.38

This very rare guitar was bought used in 2017.
This is a well played Rickenbacker 325 C64 3/4 scale neck guitar. John Lennon of The Beatles and John Fogerty of C.C.R. played this model.

It is fully functional.

There were drill holes underneath the trust cover when I bought it that I’ve had professionally filled.

A great guitar and plays like butter.
Some natural fret wear from playing but lot’s of life left in them.

Shipping fee covers professional packing and quick arrival.

If you are a Beatles fan you will love this guitar.

Comes with case keys, a black pick guard the first owner had made and a diagram of how the wiring works.

I’ve shown the serial number in the input Jack photo.
You can verify it as a legit Rickenbacker on their Model Index.

If you are a player and looking for a different sound. This guitar has it.

If you are a Beatles collection type.
This guitar is the perfect edition.