Rickenbacker 320 1979-80 Jetglo John Lennon With OHSC

$ 2599.00

Good condition for its age. Some wear here and there as pictured. Definitely the worst of it is the buckle rash and the wear on the tip of the headstock, and If you need more pictures just ask. Frets are 8/10, no buzzing what so ever Truss rods turn just fine. The case is fully functional, but I don’t have any case candy. The pickups are wired to where the blend knob is a volume knob for the middle, so quite literally a “blend” knob. I am not sure if this is stock wiring or not on any of these models, but all do the parts are original and all of the sounds it makes are the same as any other 325, but If anything this guitar is much more stable and versatile than your average 325! I’ve seen these go for $3k-4k, hoping to sell soon at this price. Thanks for looking! Offers accepted.