2019 Rickenbacker 1993Plus Mapleglo – Mint with Gold Guards and Upgrades

$ 4100.00

Mint condition Rickenbacker 1993Plus (1993 ) 12 string electric guitar in Mapleglo finish. This is a stunning electric 12 with some notable upgrades. First, this model has the slightly wider neck and nut that makes playability infinitely better. It also features the very cool “Rose Morris” f-hole. The additional upgrades are as follows:

– Gold pick guards and truss rod cover (original white guards are included, and there’s also a second set of gold guards included that came from Pickguardian)
-12 saddle bridge so that each string has its own saddle (also comes with original bridge) 
-12 slot tailpiece (also comes with original tailpiece)
– Set up with Pyramid Flatwound strings
– Professionally set up by one of the top guitar techs in Nashville, and playing beautifully and in tune. 

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better playing Rickenbacker 12 string with all of these upgrades.