Peavey T60 1980ish Sunburst – Killer Clean & 1 Owner

$ 1149.00

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Just purchased at the Dallas Guitar Show, we have a dope clean, 1 owner T60.  The gentleman and his wife that owned this guitar babied it and treated it with the utmost respect.  for a 40 year old axe, it looks like its 2 years old.  She has minor wear and slight patina. The hard case is also original and super clean.  The instruction docs are in the case but they are either older copies or orig.  

The weight is average for a Peavey which means slightly zaftig, we don’t have an exact as we did not have a scale at the show and the axe is at our storage location until we get our delivery. She is ready to ship. This is set up and ready to go.