Peavey T-60 with Maple Fretboard 1978 – 1988 Natural

$ 799.00

This is the 5th Peavey T-series guitar I’ve owned and enjoyed, just realizing I can get these sounds from other guitars so I hope you enjoy this one! Tones are muscular and clear, action is tight with great intonation.

The case is in gorgeous plush shape, I’ve always seen these with rotting foam or no padding inside.

Comes with spare 3-way switch if you want to restore the original pickup selection, a previous owner set it up as a 2-way with no in-between pickup option.

The original “toaster” neck pickup keeps the Peavey coil-tap on the tone control, where when the tone is at 10 it’s a single coil and then fades in the other coil around 7-8 to give you humbucker thickness. Super sweet, has to be heard to be believed.

The phase switch seems to only affect the replaced bridge pickup, doesn’t sound like a coil-tap gain-wise but more of a bright switch.