Peavey T-60 1980 natural BROWN hard case,

$ 849.00

This is the T-60 I remember from way back when, the natural body with the woodgrain and a maple board. A classic! Overall in great shape. We have picked up several Peavey guitars from a shop that went out of business- this T-60 had sat in the back, in the case for a long time. The original hard case is the teardrop plastic case, but is BROWN, I have never seen this before, and have not found another looking online, so pretty cool. Plays great, no fret wear, everything works, and a wonderful solid guitar. Looks like what I would call a cigarette burn on the low E string, at the nut, but isn’t into the finish. The foam in the case had gotten pretty bad, so we removed it- this is not uncommon, especially when the case hasn’t been opened in a while (like decades). The 005 Serial number puts it at 1980. Thanks for looking!

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