Peavey ST-LTD Limited Edition American Flag Electric Guitar (Parts Guitar)

$ 450.00

Up for sale is a very rare Peavey ST-LTD Limited Edition American Flag Electric Guitar.  Only about 150 of these guitars were ever made, however, this is not exactly one of those.   This guitar was built from parts.

In 2019 Peavey had a massive auction where they auctioned of about $2 million in guitar parts.  Almost all of the parts on this guitar came from that auction and are identical to the parts Peavey would have used.  So the body, neck, tuners, bridge and tremolo arm are all exactly the same parts as on the officially released guitar.  The neck is finished just as Peavey would have done, however, the body is NOT finished.  It never received a finish coat, so it is a bit dull and unprotected, compared to the finished Peavey project.  Overall, the body is in very good condition.  I think it gives it a cool, worn-in, aged kind of look.  Also, the back control cavity cover plate has been painted white and, honestly, doesn’t look that great.

What are not original Peavey parts are the electronics.  I am not going to lie, the G & B pickups leave a bit to be desired.  I just used what I had available, and all the electronics came out of a Mitchell TD400 guitar.  The guitar really does play great.  The action is very low and there is no buzzing or dead notes anywhere on the neck.  The tone pot has a push-pull to split the humbucker.  The volume pot is a bit stiff, but otherwise, this guitar plays awesome.  If it is going to be gigged, or used extensively, I would swap in some new higher grade electronics.  This guitar really deserves it.  I should have done this from the start, but I didn’t know this build was going to be such a great player, and I already have more money into this than I am asking.  Includes a nice Fender gig bag in excellent condition.

If you can find one of these Peavey Custom Shop made guitars, expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $1500 based on past sales.  Get yourself a deal here and you can swap out the electronics to create your own personal patriotic shredder!