Peavey Odyssey 1991 Sunburst USA made, rare model, OHSC, 24 frets

$ 1599.00

Peavey Odyssey USA made 1991 in excellent condition. This guitar has a Set Neck, Mahogany Body, Bound Ebony Finger Board, Radius 15″ fretboard,Two Alnico II Humbuckers with Coil Cut Switch for Single Coil operation. Genuine Mother of Pearl Inlay, Strap Locks. Gold Hardware. Graphtech style nut, original gold Peavey tuners. This guitar is rare and has a very low action. It plays perfectly. It comes with a very nice Peavey Hard Shell Case. This guitar sounds awesome and is perfect for any style of music. It has a really cool low wide slim neck that is very comfortable, sleek and fast. The original neck pickup stopped working so I hired Darkmoon pickups of NYC to make a matching Alnico II neck pickup, it matches the bridge pickup perfectly and the bridge pickup is original. Really cool history of this model – Eddie Van Halen was touring the Peavey factory and saw as well as played the USA odyssey. He was so impressed with the Odyssey that he decided to work with Peavey to build his Wolfgang guitars. This guitar is a bit of a Swiss Army knife of a guitar- it is part telecaster, part Les Paul, 24 frets, and has a coil split. The top is a nice thick maple cap. There’s only one tiny dent on the top in the clear coat that was hard to capture in a picture but it’s small and just wanted to note it in the spirit of full disclosure. The frets are excellent with virtually no wear or divots. The guitar was professionally set up by a luthier. Even has the original paperwork and original Peavey branded hard case. Another fun fact is that one of the guitarists from the glam band House of Lords endorsed the USA odyssey as his official signature guitar. This guitar is super versatile and can pull of any style of music, really a joy to play with an incredible comfortable neck and super smooth fingerboard that feels like it melts in your hand while playing. 
Will only ship within USA, I’ll include shipping insurance for the purchase price of the guitar.
I’ve been Buying, selling, trading, playing and collecting guitars, amps, and pickups for over 20 years. Specializing in rare high end guitars. Why buy from me? I’m extremely particular with playability, tone, set up’s, and take almost all my guitars to a luthier to be set up professionally. I’m extremely picky and particular with tone and match most of my guitars with high end pickups to really capture the tone and voice of the guitar. I put endless hours into pickup research to match a guitar with a pickup that will give a guitar it’s best potential sound. My guitars are cared for, polished, and regularly set up with new strings. If the stock pickups on a guitar sound lousy, muddy, weak, too bright, too dark, etc I upgrade them to a pickup that’s handmade and suites the guitars natural wood tone in the best possible way. I’m really passionate about tone, and supporting high end pickup builders and luthiers. You won’t get a lemon from me and my guitars will not have issues or old rusty strings. I professionally pack my guitars to safely ship them to you