Suhr Classic T Antique Trans Butterscotch 2022

$ 2602.54

This is a Suhr Classic T Antique Trans Butterscotch that I purchased new from Peach Guitars a month ago.

It’s a beautiful instrument, no issues whatsoever, sounds amazing. The SSCII wiring is  

I paid almost £2800. I’m selling for quite a big loss – I’ve simply changed my mind about what I wanted, so someone’s going to get a fantastic deal for a basically “new” Suhr.

I’m sure you know the specs of this guitar if you’re looking at this listing, but please read this bit carefully: the high (original) cost of this guitar is that it’s part of Suhr’s “antique” line, which means they have applied their aging process to the nitrocellulose, so it does intentionally have finish checking. There is a very tiny (1mm?) bit of lacquer on the back of the guitar that has flaked off. This is intentional. It’s supposed to be a very light relic finish, like an older guitar.

If you message me I can show you the original store listing for this exact guitar and a YouTube video of it being played.

This is my first listing on Reverb, but I have decades of perfect feedback on the bay and I can demonstrate those references. I’m also happy to chat with you about this listing. Everyone has to start somewhere!

The guitar comes with a nice sturdy padded gig bag.

Please do message me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!