Squier Contemporary Telecaster HH 2018 – 2019 Dark Metallic Red

$ 350.00

Very good condition Squier Telecaster with two humbucking pickups. The pickguard is something I added after getting the guitar, so I’ll throw in the original one as well. The original one is just plain white. I’ve had this guitar for around a year. Holds a tune pretty well, and I had the nut replaced. Aside from the pickups, it just comes with the standard Telecaster controls, two knobs, one for tone and another for volume, as well as a three-way pickup selector. I honestly love this guitar, and parting with it is hard but I’m looking into upgrading a bit. I would highly recommend this as a fantastic beginner guitar. Strings can either be threaded through the back or through the bottom of the bridge plate. Guitar is very well taken care of, with few noticeable scratches and virtually no nicks in the paint.