Scott Walker Electro Sunburst Relic

$ 8700.00

Scott Walker Electro in beautiful condition. If you are looking at this listing you may be aware that the demand for Scotts guitars is such that he in not taking any orders at present and it may be awhile before it reopens. He has not built an Electro in better than 4 years and told me that he will not be building anymore for probably another 4 years
until he gets caught up. I have a revelator coming in quite soon after a long wait. According to Scott in his recollection this is the only one he built using his handwound cigar tube pickups. these are similar to the lipstick pups but in a larger tube with additional windings. Think lipstick meets p90 and you’re in the sonic neighborhood. His instruments are known for being first and foremost exceptional acoustic guitars with great attention paid to wood selection, interference fitting of neck to body & tone tapping each piece and shaving until the desired resonance is achieved. I’d prefer local pickup so that the next caretaker of this exceptional instrument can play it to be sure it meets expectations. I am selling this guitar because when the Revelator arrives in just a few days I don’t expect to play anything else for a good while and it would not be right to let a guitar of this nature sit locked away in my safe. It was built to be played. Certain consideration may be given to pricing based upon the players circumstances. I really want this going to the best home possible and at the same time come out as close as possible to break even. These guitars don’t last long once listed so please be in touch. There was a beautiful Santa Cruz up here recently and I don’t expect that to be around very long either. Guitar plays like butter and sounds amazing.  Notice the blonde streak in the ebony slab board, the tiny dot markers, the hand carved volute and the attention to the neck to body fit. The Telecaster like bridge sits into a massive piece of billet aircraft aluminum let into the alder body a full 1/2 inch and secured with heavy Allen bolts. This guitar is what Stratocasters dream of becoming when they grow up. Thanks for looking and feel free to call me with any questions at 215-768-2237. It will ship fully insured in the RBX Reunion Blues gig bag it came to me in unless I can locate a proper case before the sale.Small details that will be resolved in my usual professional manner. Check my feedback or call Scott if you like.
Greg Spencer