Project Guitar – Fender Standard Stratocaster with Maple Fretboard 1998 – 2005 Brown Sunburst

$ 250.00

This Strat is looking for someone to give it a second life. It was a project guitar of mine from 2002-2010, and has been hanging on a wall ever since. The electronics are heavily modified and do not work, but could be fixed without much effort with a loaded pickguard.

I purchased it used, about 20 years ago, and used it for a bunch of experiments. Sigh. Some details:
* Has a 2000s Fender LSR Roller nut. I installed it, and the intonation is still pretty good.
* Was most recently wired in a two switch (3-way and 5-way) configuration, to allow for selecting the bridge & neck pickups together, as well as all 3 pickups together, with tone controls for each pickup. I then removed the 3-way switch for another project, so the electronics are now non-functioning.
* Has a “relic” test on the back (pictured), opposite of the jack plate, otherwise the finish is in great shape.
* Original MIM single-coil pickups.
* Neck is straight and action is decent (pictured). Could be improved further with a proper setup.

Includes Fender-branded gig bag from the same era.
Does NOT include guitar stand.