Momose Telecaster Natural

$ 1085.00

Fairly recent Momose T-Caster made in Japan by one of its best luthiers, Sensei Momose. His company makes custom crafted guitars as a division of the Devisor Corporation, which also makes Bacchus and other handmade guitars. This is a fine ash body guitar with special care that’s sometimes missing from the big name brands. If you are not familiar with Japan crafted guitars, do some research and you will be impressed. It is in glorious shape except for a ding in the finish on the middle front, which only catches the light sometimes. No apparent wear on the frets and the maple with rosewood neck is straight with a working truss rod. For me, this blows away any other T style guitar in this price range. There are also a variety of Momose guitars listed on Reverb you can compare. There is a cult following around the Devisor brands of instruments and I am a member. I also am selling a Bacchus LP. I’m losing these to pay for a PRS, but I will eventually replace them. It sounds great and good luck finding an ash body this nice. Weighs 7.6 pounds. Comes with a sturdy tweed case. it also comes with a black pickguard that was probably the original. Feel free to ask questions.