Kiesel X220 Jet black Dimarzio X2N Chuck Shuldiner Death Metal Rare MINT Condition Carvin

$ 1777.00

I am the original owner of this custom Kiesel X220 guitar. I had this built in December of 2015, during that limited time period in which they reissued the X220. It has not not been played much at all. It is in NEAR MINT condition! Built for high speed extreme metal!

  • X220 with Hipshot Bridge
  • Mahogany Neck & Body
  • Neck through Body
  • Jet Black
  • Thinner Neck Profile
  • Ebony Fretboard, Black
  • Mother of Pearl Block Inlays
  • Jumbo Fret Wire
  • Stainless Steel
  • 14” radius neck
  • Drop Shadow Logo Black
  • Form Fitting Hardshell Case.
  • Bridge Pickup is a Dimarzio X2N
  • Neck Pickup is a Dimarzio Super 2
  • Tone pot has push pull coil taps.

How does it play? It is a very fast and easy to play guitar, due to the thinner neck profile. Although it plays very well, it could use a professional set-up. I have owned the guitar for a while but it has not been played much. I spend more time playing my 7 and 8 string guitars. I own many, many guitars – too many.

How does it sound? It is really great for all forms of heavy metal, thrash metal, black metal and of course death metal. The bridge pickup is the same pickup that was used by Chuck Schuldiner of Death, and Michael Romeo of Symphony X. The pickup is very hot and aggressive and cuts through everything like glass. My Engl loves it!

The neck pickup is the same pickup that was used by Paul Gilbert while in Racer X. It loves sweeping and arpeggios. It has a great tone and sits next to the X2N very well.

How does it look? A beautiful work of art. I hardly ever touched it, the guitar is in NEAR MINT condition. It has some very tiny marks from the guitar pick and that’s it. There are zero scratches on the guitar. It has spent the majority of its life in the form fitted hardshell case.

This is as close as you get to a brand new, quote unquote, “new instrument,” without commissioning it yourself. It was barely played and was kept in immaculate condition.

I just put some brand new string on it, today.