Ibanez RS135 RoadStar II 1985 MIJ

$ 400.00

This RS135 is all original as far as I can tell.  It even still has the wammy bar!

There is one mod.  The original poly gloss finish on the back of the neck has been sanded off and it’s been refinished with boiled linseed oil (sanded to 1500 then saturated for a week then wet sanded with Mineral Spirits and boiled linseed oil to a smooth finish).  This was done to clean up some chips in the poly from being leaned on a desk or something.  There are no dings in the neck and it’s very smooth and fast now.  Looks better too, in my opinion.  There is one chip in the poly on the headstock and one paint chip on the headstock.

There is one ding under the lower horn big enough to crack the poly and a few small dings in the upper horn on the front.  The lowest tip of the pickgaurd has broken off at the stress point where the screw is (the biggest cosmetic bummer on it).  Otherwise there’s many light scratches and buckle rash.  Despite the obvious scars of being loved a lot since the mid 80’s the frets are in very good shape.  

Functionally it is 100%.  Pots don’t scratch, original Ibanez tuners work quite well.  The 5-way switch does what it’s supposed to do and the phase shift toggle works as it should.  I don’t use tremolo much so the springs are set rather tight for tuning stability.

I don’t have a gig bag specific to this guitar but I will ship it in a gig bag.

I’ve done my best to photo document all the scratches and dings.  This is a used instrument setup to my playing style and your style may require your own setup.

Selling because this guitar is redundant.  I already have other nice vintage MIJ guitars and Strats.  I bought this because my first bass (still have it) was an ’85 roadster ii and it was fun having them hanging beside each other on the wall.