Hohner ST-59 80s

$ 594.52

Up for sale is my Hohner Professional ST-59 with Fender SCN Noiseless Pickups, Fender S-1 Switch and a Fender Deluxe hardcase and tremolo in excellent condition.

This guitar was made in the 80’s and is much better than any Mexican Fender you will find around. The original (black) pickguard will be included.

* Make/Model: Hohner Professional ST-59

* Serial Number: C216110
* Scale Length: 25.5″

* Nut Width: 1 11/16″

* Weight: 8.8 lbs

* Fender SCN Noiseless pickups

* Fender S-1 Switch Pickup/Control Layout: Three Single Coil Pickups, Master Volume, Two Tone Controls, 5-Way Pickup Selector Switch
* Canadian rock maple neck with rosewood fingerboard

* Fender Deluxe Hardcase

* Features: 22 Frets, Dot Inlays, 2-Point Tremolo System

* Neck tilt adjustment at the backplate.

* 22 nickel silver frets; Schaller deluxe machine heads

* graphite nut; USA

Something about the brand Hohner. Originally a German brand specialized in harmonica’s, also moved into the guitar business buying guitars from Japanese factories in the 70’s. During the NAMM show in 1972, a telecaster was shown by a brand called H.S. Anderson. The brand name is just a name made up (although there is an American wood sculpturer known by this name) but the guitar excelled in building quality and playability. The guitars under this brand came from the ‘Morris’ factory which built for a lot of brands. They still exist building high quality acoustic instrument.