Hamer Duo Tone

$ 1899.99

Hamer USA Arch top guitar. Sorry for the glare. The top, frets, headstock and neck are in great condition but there is some worming on the back of the guitar that I have tried to capture in the photos. Typically, all of my guitars are Mint or Excellent but due to the worming ( which is not thru the finish ) I need to rate it lower. It is still a rock solid beautiful guitar in a rarer color. I would assume if you are going to use the guitar for events it is not a big deal but want to be honest in representation.  The guitar plays and sounds amazing and at my asking price I will gladly have my local pro luthier do a full dress & set up with the string gauge of your choice. My husband changed the pickups from the original Duncan 59’s ( He already had one with those P.U.s in it) to the Rio Grande Muye Grande P.U. and installed push pull pots for each pickup individually on the 1st 2 potentiometers. There are a lot of great tones achievable with this guitar. Aside from the worming the guitar is super clean. 

I can ship CONUS. Our old family music shop carried the Hamer USA line and as I am going thru the shop posting inventory on Reverb I am finding New, Mint, Excellent & Very good items that are rare and cool. I am preparing to sell the building so am offering some real gems thru Reverb. Regarding my return policy, I do not offer a “try it first” policy. It is strictly based on the accuracy of my description. Thank you for your understanding.