Fender Modern Player Marauder 2012 – 2013 Lake Placid Blue !Rare!

$ 999.00

Grab yourself a slice of musical history with one of the rarest instruments ever made by Fender, the Marauder. Designed in 1965, Leo Fender intended to introduce the Marauder to his product line shortly before he sold the company to CBS, but it never went into production, until 2011 when it was briefly greenlighted for public consumption.

But this axe isn’t some sideshow rarity that should be kept on display with your grandmas delicate china (although you have to admit, it does look beautiful). Capable of a wide range of tones, prepare to melt faces like Major Toht looking into the ark with the triple-bucker but also get that sweet buttery BB-King tone so many love.

Get your hands on one before it’s too late.

This guitar is in excellent condition with minimal fret wear.