Fender Dave Murray Artist Series Signature Pickguard for Stratocaster – late 70s / early 80s – Vintage DiMarzio Super Distortion

$ 811.27

This listing includes: Pickguard with electronics, prewired with NOS late70s / early 80s DiMarzio DP101s and the original DiMarzio boxes these came in.
Guitar body and neck are not part of this listing!

We have a set (2 pickups!) of NOS late 70s/early-80s DiMarzio Dual Sound Humbuckers in double creme, complete with DiMarzios old packaging.

The Dual Sound is the 4-conductor version of the DiMarzio Super Distortion. So it’s a Super Distortion pickup, that is splittable. I bought these for a 1981 Dave Murray Strat project replica, that I was building.
In 1981’s Rainbow Show, Dave used his black Kossoff Strat with Dual Super Distortions in neck and bridge (he later changed the neck Super Distortion to a DP103 PAF model).
But I was going for that specific early Iron Maiden/Killers/Number of the Beast era, where he still had a Super Distortion in the neck position and thus, a totally different neck humbucker sound!

These are installed on a HSH pickguard by Warmoth, with 3x500k CTS US pots, orange drop caps and a 5-way super switch (series neck – parallel neck – middle pickup – parallel bridge – series bridge).

Middle pickup has been changed from an original DiMarzio HS-2 to an original DiMarzio Fast Track 1 in black with silver rails, to get that Dave Murray Rainbow era look.

This listing is unique, as you won’t find a real mid-80s dual Super Distortion (4-conductor) set in this NOS condition anywhere else.
The NOS packaging (DiMarzio boxes) will be included, of course.

So this is for the Dave Murray fans only, who want to get as close as possible to that era’s tone.
(The new DiMarzio DP100 do not sound the same as the old ones – but don’t take my word for it, try it yourself!).

Cheers guys,