Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Dennis Galuszka ’60 Stratocaster Fiesta Red Relic

$ 9765.56

I rarely write description of the guitars I put on sale but this une makes a major difference.

Dennis Galuszka is a secret ace, never under the spotlight yet incredibly detailed and careful.
This Stratocaster is probably the most harmonious guitar I ever owned and always kept it as an instrument to record at home.

It weights 3.4kg, it has 6105 frets, a beautiful and today rare rosewood side veneer, flame neck and aged parts.
It sports an original vintage 1960 decal next to the plug.
The relic is among the most authentic ever seen, with a cross checked break of the lacquer.

IT RESONATES LIKE HEAVEN. It is majestically acoustic beyond anything else I ever strung.
It is hard to transport the value and beauty of a guitar in a text but I could testify this is a very different guitar, superior in my opinion to the tens of masterbuilt ones I owned and tried, so no price can be defined only by technical characteristics.

I have had tens of Masterbuilt guitars and can provide detailed review of the isntrument.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any need.

It has its original case and certificate plus a vintage style strap in brand new conditions.