Fender American Original ’60s Stratocaster with Rosewood Fretboard 2020 – Present Shell Pink

$ 1100.00

Hey There!

Selling my Shell Pink American Original Vintage Strat! This is an amazing guitar and an absolutely AMAZING instrument. It plays and feels good, and the sound of this instrument absolutely buttery. My grandpa gave me this guitar as a birthday present and now I’m about to move to another state and need to free up some space, unfortunately. I absolutely love this guitar, and now it’s ready for someone else to write their story with this beauty.  


  • The neck was replaced because of crack. The neck is a Fender licensed neck with a modern D profile. The radius is 7.25, it has 21 frets, and there is the truss rod at the heel of the neck. It has Kluson in-line tuners, and the vintage string tree that is located around the ‘e’ in the Fender logo. I didn’t put any decals on it because it would look a bit flawed and unauthentic in some cases. Though the new neck  plays and feels better than the original, it is also a lot sturdier and more resonant. It was replaced in the summer of 2021 so I’ve had a while to break this new neck in. 🙂

– It has Fender 57-62 vintage pickups, the bridge pickup is flipped upside-down to get the Hendrix ‘Voodoo’ sound (For my personal sound, especially with the regular pickups for Neck and Mid).
– Apart from the basics of this guitar, the 3-ply pickguard had the sticker on it for a while. So when I took it off, the pickguard was already aging BUT that little bit didn’t quite as well. It’s pretty funny looking but cool.
– Replaced pots for the good CTS pots, also has new ceramic disc capacitors to really get that even honk.
– The second tone is connected to the bridge pickup to control the brightness of the bridge pickup
– All the pickups work perfectly fine, so does the 5-way selector

– The whammy bar likes to hit the tone knobs and scrape against the bottom of the body. Not necessarily a problem, but then it’ll jam in the body and throw the guitar out of tune for a second.
– Of course the Fender stamped saddles, the saddle adjustment screws always poke out and will scratch your hand sometimes. But this is pretty generic with these kinds of saddles.

Go ahead and message me all your questions if you are interested in this guitar. Let me know if I didn’t list anything you’re curious about. I’m here to help out and answer anything. Feel free to negotiate as well. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!