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Fender’s new standard model. 2016 Fender USA American Professional Jazzmaster

A jazz master of the professional series, which is the successor to the American Standard Series, which has always been sensitive to the needs of the times and has evolved while following a traditional style. Even beginners can adjust the neck warped relatively easily from the head side, and can be adjusted to both the allegations and reverse, and the 9.5R fingerboard that is flat from the vintage fingerboard is narrow. Tall frets are adopted and high playability is also featured. Vintage -type spiral bridges often fall down with intense picking, so the bridge used in Mustang with a groove is standard equipment. The pickup is also referred to and produces a sound that is easy to handle with a high output if it leaves the fenderness. A jazz master that can be used without feeling frustration in a series that will be the next generation of Fender.

Body: Alder
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood, Modern “Deep C” 9.5R
Weight: 3.83kg
Nutwideth: 43mm
W/Original Hardcase
Long Scale Neck

In charge: Matsui

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