2002 Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960 Gloss Black

$ 1519.00

Here’s a 2002 Gibson Les Paul Classic in a factory original Gloss Black finish.  This guitar is in good condition and has average playwear.  
The top has lots of light clear coat scratches and a few small indents as is typical on black guitars.
The back has some light scratches and some buckle rash.
She had a fresh set up and plays beautifully.
All the electronics work well – she has original Gibson pickups – 496R and 500T Alnicos, if I’m not mistaken.  
The neck is straight and the frets are in very good condition.
It has just been detailed. The front, back, sides and neck were waxed and buffed with a high grade carnuba wax.
The frets were polished and the fingerboard was cleaned, buffed and moisturized with an instrument grade lemon oil.
It was set up with 10/46’s, adjusted and plays very nicely. All the electronics work well.
She has a slim 60’s neck profile and weighs 9.2 lbs on a digital scale.