1974 Fender MUSTANG

$ 2361.02

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Product Details

Fender Mustang made in 1974, which is dignified due to aging

Mustang is a Student model released for children and beginners for the purpose of expanding the market for Fender Electric Guitar in 1964. It has features such as a short -scale neck, a bridge equipped with dynamic vibrato, and a phase out sound, and is used in various genres in modern times. The rosewood fingerboard adopts a roundboard with the maple neck, which is attached to the fingerboard, and creates a well -balanced sound in all positions. The unique air that has a unique air peculiar to Mustang is unique. It’s a selfish horse, but if you get on, you’ll be able to get rid of it if you get on, “I’ll do something.”

BODY: POplar
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
P.U: Original Single Coil (Gray Bobin) × 2
Weight: 3.42kg
Nutwideth: 41mm
W/Original Hardcase
Short Scale Neck
* Fret and nut exchange available

* With 5 years of adjustment guarantee for firm adjustment at our shop
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