1960 Fender Jazzmaster & 1964 Fender Jazz Bass (Slim Dossey Collection) [*Video]

$ 62500.00

An incredible collection owned and played by Slim Dossey! Slim Dossey was a legendary Northwest musician, Western Hall of Fame inductee and Fender employee alongside Leo Fender during the late-’50s through the early-’60s! This collection comes from the son of Slim Dossey and includes Slim’s 1960 Jazzmaster and 1964 Jazz Bass with original cases, two of his original custom-made Nudie western suits and original vintage photographs. The Jazz Bass is all original and Jazzmaster is original with the exception of a refin done by Slim himself in the Fender factory in 1964 when he was an employee there. Both instruments show normal cosmetic wear from gigging, but are otherwise in fantastic condition and excellent players with an outstanding vintage tone. A one-of-a-kind collection with an amazing history!