1957 Fender Stratocaster HardTail

$ 33181.75

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Product Details

Vintage hard tail strat caster who can talk about real thing

Rare Hard Tail 1957 Stratocaster. Beautiful ashibody of wood grain is used in one piece. At that time, the Sunbarst color is usually a 2-piece body or a 3-piece body. We adopt a luxurious Ash one-piece body considering something that is a non-Lemolo. The neck touches with the V shape neck to understand this age. Decal is a natural description of “with synchronized tremolo”. Neck and bodydate are “1-57” and individuals who are originally originally original than 2 pickup covers. While the sound is a hard tail-free sound, it feels like a vintage unique rich sound is comfortable for hours. I think that there are many people who have a vintage strat, but I think that there is almost no one who has a vintage hard tail strat from the belief that “I do not use tremolo.” “There is no Torremolo and it is not stratting,” but I can really talk about the vintage hard tail. A very good condition is a stratocaster with attractive performance performance that can be used in the field enough while the original highly vintage.

Body: 1Piece Ash
NECK: 1Piece Maple
Fingerboard: Maple
Pickup: Original Single Coil (Black Bobin)
PotDate: ’55 (304547)
PEG: Single Line W / Pat.No
Weight: 3.36kg
Nut-Width: 41.7 mm
w / hardcase
Long Scale Neck
※ There are two pick-up covers

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