Kramer The 84 “The Illusionist”, 3D Black White Swirl

$ 912.00

Kramer The 84 “The Illusionist”, 3D Black White Swirl Overview by GAK

The Kramer The 84 is an agile shred machine that’s suited to lightning fast leads, chunky rhythms and elegant riffs. If those things are part of your style then Kramer’s The 84 is guaranteed to make you grin. Everything about this guitar has been chosen to make it a streamlined, high-performance instrument with a commanding tone that can cut through a dense mix with ease. Plug The 84 into a crunchy amp and prepare to have your head blown off.

Classic Combo

Kramer have constructed The 84 using a classic Alder body and Maple neck combination. The Alder body provides a balanced, versatile core sound with a slight upper-mid emphasis that works well with high-gain tones. Alder also has the advantage of having lighter weight than other tonewoods, allowing you to pull off eccentric Glam Rock stage moves with ease. The rock-solid Maple neck and fretboard cater for the snappiness and promote note definition. The neck is what makes The 84 so effortless to play, featuring a rapid Kramer K-Speed SlimTaper “C”profile, 22 Jumbo frets, a super flat 12.6″ radius and a smooth Satin finish. Like Eddie Van Halen’s “custom shark” Ibanez Destroyer, the Kramer sports the charming droopy banana headstock.

Hot Rodded Tone

Electrifying the 84’s natural voice is the punchy Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker, which oozes tonnes of sustain and is slightly slanted for a brighter tone. The JB is a renowned pickup that boasts a hot-rodded output, making it the perfect pickup for hitting the front-end of an amp or drive pedal. Tonally, the SD JB features potent harmonics, detailed highs and a vocal-like quality when used for lead tones.

Instant Rock

The single Volume knob is positioned for quick access, is knurled for easier grip and can be used to tame the gain on-the-fly. The knob also has a secret weapon – a push/pull switch that allows you to switch from Series to Parallel wiring. This presents an additional tone that can be instantly reached for when you want to mix things up.

Solid Hardware

Like any quality shred-ready guitar, this Kramer The 84 is equipped with a double-locking tremolo. This isn’t any run-of-the-mill tremolo bridge, this is a premium Floyd Rose 1000 series tremolo with an R2 1000 series locking nut and LRT-L40 Trem Stop. With this bridge at your disposal, you can pull off expressive vibrato, extreme pitch bends and wild dive-bombs and go right back to stable tuning. Rounding out The 84’s impressive hardware are the mini die-cast tuners and the famous EVH D-Tuna, which instantly drops the Low E string down a tone.

In addition to a top-notch electric guitar, you also receive a sturdy gig bag that can be used to safely store and transport The 84 to a rehearsal, gig or performance session.

Pick Your Poison

A highlight of The 84 is its otherwordly 3D Black White Swirl finish – also known as “the Illusionist”. These graphics were designed by Kramer Custom Graphic Artist Bo Pittman and give this guitar a captivating aesthetic.

The Kramer Baretta is an alternative model that’s also worth your attention. The Baretta comes in an array of exciting finishes feature unique graphics that were designed by Kramer’s Eric Caspers and Chris Stemmer, including , ,