Kramer Paul Dean 1980s Harvest Yellow

$ 2250.00

Here we have a beautiful and rare 80s Kramer Paul Dean. The guitar has a beautiful yellow finish. These guitars are very sought after so I do not expect this listing to last long.

The guitar does have some finish issues. I have included pictures of all that I could see. These blemishes seem to have been poorly touched up with what looks like yellow nail polish. This is not a big deal if you can take it to a local Luthier, that should be able to fix it. There is also a very small crack near the headstock. I have pictured this. I have treated the crack to where it will not crack anymore, it is stabilized.

The guitar comes with the original Kramer case. The case is still in really good condition with only one of the latches being slightly wonky. I’m selling this guitar as is, I normally will set up the guitars I sell, but on this one I’m going to let the buyer take care of it. Guitar will be handled and shipped with extreme care, and should get to you in less than a week. Thanks for considering.