Kramer Pacer Imperial American 1986 Mother of Pearlescent White CLEAN!

$ 2100.00


     WEEKEND SALE!!$$$

          Here we have a really fine 1986 Kramer Imperial Pacer.  This guitar is just a bit souped up as it has the very popular Jackson USA J-90C bridge pickup, Grover machine heads, and the gold Liscenced by Floyed Rose tremelo has Guild stamped on it and has been on the guitar for over 25 years. 
    The original Schaller neck pickup is dated 3-86-4.  The instrument is very clean and has the look of being a newer guitar and not 35 years old.  1986,,, the same year we opened our shop.  It was a way different world back then.  Anyway the guitar is all set up fresh and ready to play.

      I almost wanted to call the guitar mint as the few very minor flaws are hard to spot.  Minimal fretwear only in the fiest few frets.
        That maple bodied pearl white finish just gleams and you cannot capture all the beautiful changing tingling colors in the pictures.  Gorgeous!

Weighs 8/1/2 lbs.
Shipping box is 44x19x6″
Shipping weight is 21 lbs.

Brick and mortar to the end!
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2 summers ago we sold 35 pieces to the movie set of Bill & Teds Most Excellent Adventure ‘Face the Music’! with Keanu Reeves.
  Lot’s of guitars, amplifiers, rack gear, they wanted a lot of stuff with LOTS of KNOBS!!

We just landed another movie bit in a film called ‘Christmas in Detroit’
starring Smokey Robinson. Look for the scene with our shop in that movie showing
on the Lifetime channel sometime around
 this coming Thanksgiving!!

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