Kramer , custom factory paint

$ 1550.00

Very early Kramer Flying V with a later “but correct” pacer carrera neck . Fits like a glove but can’t prove a beak neck came on this when new .”was told more than likely by techs I respect “

Professionally rebuilt and set up to shred , comfortable low action and plenty of fret life
Killer in every way and hurts to sell .
Truly sick period heavy metal guitar .
Amazing sounding and playing guitar

All this stuff was made by ESP Japan and finished in the states , to the best of my knowledge .
German Floyd , old Duncan humbucker and unknown neck pickup model .
Maybe a schaler gold 50 .

Neck bolt holes have been filled and re drilled very well , absolutely no issues.

Not trying to get rich on this , built for me and very well done .
Just in the hobby and I play them