Kramer Assault 220 FR (Alpine White)

$ 318.31

Kramer Guitars have a long history of making guitars that are performance driven. Its reign in the 80’s as one of the top guitar companies in the world is legendary. Kramer is proud to announce the release of the Assault 220 FR.

The Assault 220 FR features a solid Mahogany and Kramer’s new Thornâ„¢ inlays top off the super-slick Ebony ‘board on the Mahogany set neck.

Great versatility from the twin humbucker setup as this guitar also features coil taps for accessing single coil tones. The volume control also features the “treble bleed†mod, which lets you keep your tone bright when backing down the volume control. And a recessed Floyd Rose trem lets you whammy to your heart’s content. All at an unbelievable price!

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