Kramer American Pacer Custom I Purpleheart Fretboard Stainless Steel frets Dimarzio PAF Brass Block

$ 1499.00


For sale a 1986 American Kramer Pacer Custom I with a replaced Purpleheart fretboard with 22 extra jumbo stainless steel frets. USA Made

About the modification:
The fretboard was cleanly off at one point and had it modified to purpleheart. It’s probably the only Kramer in existence using Purpleheart as a fretboard with stainless steel frets to boot. It combines modern exotics with classic golden era super-strat looks and craftsmanship.  The fretboard and the frets were professionally done and the neck slides and plays as smooth as the original rose wood but looks 3X better. The fretboard has no fret markers but has black side dots and is the original 25.5″ scale. No one can really articulate how bendy and glass-like smooth stainless steel frets are and the rosewood like feel of the purple heart just adds to that to make this thing really speedy. The neck is a thicker U shape because the purple heart is 1/4″ while the original was 1/8″, It will remind you a lot of an ESP Medium U shape but not as wide, it’s not a boat neck and not the thickest Kramer neck I’ve felt like my Kramer USA Pacer Deluxe. As a request the purpleheart fretboard comes with beveled edges to give it the same round feeling of the original rosewood and the job was nailed perfect. 


Locking Tuners
80s Dimarzio PAF bridge pickup
Brass Block on Floyd Rose 
Backplate recreated in satin finish. 


It’s not a perfect guitar, it’s a player. 
There are chips around the corners
One fill in on the headstock edge
Dents around neck (But not noticeable while playing.)