ESP Made 1986 Japan Kramer EK-1BF Gorgeous White, Clean, RARE Original Leather Gigbag!

$ 1500.00

Incredibly clean.

Incredible tone.

Incredible build quality.

Alder body is 2 piece, center joined. Maple neck actually shows some nice figure/flame. Frets are great, very little actual play in this guitar that was made expressly for the Japan market, JDM, not for export.

Made by ESP, a superb Japanese guitar maker, for Kramer.

“Kramer EK-1BF. Made by ESP Japan, Takeuchi tremolo, Original pickups “Power Rail” and KP-100. ”

Original Kramer Leather gig bag – top pocket zipper doesn’t work but the main zippers work very well – is just over the top and very hard to find. And it has done it’s job, the guitar is in gorgeous condition with very light wear, virtually no fret wear, and most importantly, the tip of the headstock finish is 100%, really extremely clean for a guitar that’s supposed to live the hardcore EVH lifestyle.

The whammy bar may not be exactly the right one/original but fits and works really well. Long time Floyd user here, know the tricks to make them work right. A lot of people don’t know is you’re not supposed to adjust the height under tension, it wears on the pivot points. That’s never been done on this one, and I like to use a tiny drop of Tri-Flow on the pivots so they don’t wear at all.

I found this guitar to be better than any other EVH style guitar. Better tone and playability, ESP trademarks.
Last pic shows – vaguely –  the only seam in the body.

Smoke free home studio use.
Ships USPS Priority fully insured shipped within 24 hrs.