Jackson USA Select Series SL1 Soloist Eerie Dess Swirl

$ 2899.00

Beast of a guitar that plays great and looks incredibly cool on stage.  I’m listing the guitar as VG condition because of one scratch on the front and a small bit of wear.  If it were not for the scratch I would consider it a 9/10.

All original except I had the wiring professionally done.  I purchased it from a very reputable shop but, when I had my luthier go over it he was surprised that the wiring looked the way it did.  Contacted the shop and the apologized that they didn’t go over it thoroughly…Not the end of the world as I had my luthier use quality wiring and since he is both a professional luthier and a licensed electrician this guy knows wiring!

Anyhow, it comes with its original Jackson case, Tremolo bar and tools.

Happy to take more pictures or send a video on request.  I find they are better at showing the true condition of the guitar.  Only selling this one and the others listed on my shop including a new USA Jackson Custom Warrior because I really need to make some room.  The guitars are taking over!