Jackson Japan Pro Series RR5 Rhoads 2003 – 2011 Black

$ 1450.00

Selling my Japanese made RR5. Being a companion of many heavy nights but I’m playing mostly 7/8s now so it’s time to part ways with it. This is the bad ass black/gold one not the boring cream colored one.
This is the model that Mark Morton used to record the first Lamb of God album. He toured with it until Jackson gave him his signature. Part of the reason I bought it also to have a quick guitar for swapping tunings back in the day when I played metal live. Covered all the good bands with it, LOG, Killswitch, Shadows Fall, etc.
It’s a special guitar, The high end of Japanese Rhoads’, with neck though design, SD pickups, Alder body,etc. The only difference between this and the USA RR1T is the rosewood board. And I should know since I sold my USA RR1T long ago. The difference was not enough to justify keeping it and I like the Black and gold, my RR1t was white. Also, the new redesigned version(MJ RRT) is basically the same with chrome hardware, going for almost 3k USD.
Cosmetically the guitar has the usual corners chipped and also some buckle rash on the back however it’s still has it’s low action and sounds and plays better than most guitars. The neck is thin and fast and jumbo frets, the typical Jackson Spec. I recently restrung it with 11-49 set in C drop. It’s good to go.
I will ship it with the Jackson case in the photo. It has a bump on top but it’s fully functional. Shipping within Canada and USA only due to the size and cost of shipping. I ship insured, let me know if you have any questions. Thanks