Jackson Pro Series Corey Beaulieu Signature King V KV7Q

$ 1200.00

I purchased this guitar back in early 2020 because I’m a huge Trivium fan and I also love 7-string V’s, but I am just not playing it as much as I would have thought. The guitar itself is in fantastic shape and has never left my home since I bought it new. All the tips of the wings are perfectly intact with no chips or dings whatsoever, but there’s a dark line at the tip of the headstock. I never bumped it on anything, but I do remember the tip of it sticking out of the plastic when I first unwrapped it(see photo.) The only modifications I’ve made to the guitar are I changed the pickups from the stock active Seymour Duncan Blackouts to a set of passive Lundgren M7 pickups(Meshuggah signatures, made in Sweden) which retail for $300 and I upgraded the Floyd Rose arm to a Push-in style Original Floyd Rose arm, so there’s no wobbling of the arm when you’re using it. I’m also including the Jackson KV case($250)that I bought separately to protect it. I kept all of the hangtags for the case and the guitar, including the Dunlop straplocks, allen wrenches, and extra springs for the tremolo. I currently have it set up in A standard with 10-56 Elixir strings on it. Thanks for looking and please ask any and all questions you might have!