Jackson DK2 Pile O’ Skulls

$ 899.99

This is a Jackson DK2.  I’m not exactly sure about the year so I’ll leave it up to your interpretation, although my guess would be pre millennium.  I’m also not entirely sure where it was produced but it really could only be either Japan or Mexico based on the age (it predates Jackson in Indonesia).   

The condition of the guitar is “very good”.  I say very good because it displays beautifully and doesn’t have any major issue that impedes its performance.  It’s recently been setup and will feel good right out of the box.  It does have minor imperfections that you’ll notice if you hunt for them.  There are occasional surface scratches and a minor blemish on the posterior side of the smaller horn (I included a picture), but other than that it’s very solid considering its age.  

It will come in a hardshell case.  Case candy is long gone at this point.  It’s just the guitar and a hardshell case.  I’ve seen the pricing for these so I’m just going to set my price.  I’m not looking for any offers, thanks though.

I can only ship within the U.S. and to residential addresses.