Jackson Custom Shop Randy Rhoads RR 2010 Gold Metal Flake

$ 4399.00

Perfect condition, everything is native, without interference.

An expensive and rare customshop masterbuild from Jackson, which was made by their famous master Mark Shannon in wildly limited quantities for guitarist Vinnie Vincent from the legendary Kiss band, and only 5 copies were made, and this one of them.

The body and neck are made of mahogany, the fingerboard is rosewood, there is also edging around it and mother-of-pearl inlay on the fingerboard.

The guitar is in a very complex Gold Metal Flake color and it looks unrealistically beautiful and memorable. It is worth noting that 2010 is called the golden era for Jackson Custom Shop (because of the quality and demand for their tools of these years).

As for the sound and sensations, it is light, comfortable, and it sounds like an expensive, selected instrument of the highest class should sound: the sound is the most amazing!

It is equipped with a native case, a lever from a typewriter and paperwork.