Jackson Dinky DK2/DK2M Eerie Dess Swirl MIJ w/ Case *READ DESCRIPTION*

$ 799.99

Listing information updated

This guitar is in excellent shape. The body is from the earlier 2000’s according to the stamped date (hard to see the last number of the year) The neck came from a DK2M will include photo of the neck stamp but you can clearly see the shadow from where the Made in Japan sticker was so both the body and neck were made in Japan.

There is one chip in the finish on the back bottom side shown in pics and one very small mark on the back side of the bottom horn. That one is barely noticeable. Some aging on the hardware but nothing serious.

Obviously this thing rips and the finish is striking in person. I just restrung is with D’Addario 9. Includes non original case.

Shipping is $50 for UPS Ground