Vintage MIJ Ibanez Blazer, Fuji-gen Japanese

$ 299.44

Vintage Japanese
Ibanez. Great sounding and great playing guitar. Appears to be all
original. The action is low and fast and the guitar has a very
comfortable neck profile. I’ve owned a few of these and they’ve all had
similar neck profiles, so if you have had one of these before and
enjoyed it, this will be same. All electronics are working, volume pot
has crackle when in movement but fine once adjusted. Lovely chiming
tones from the pickups. The guitar has a fair amount of wear on the
back. A few marks elsewhere which I’ve tried to show my best in the
photos. Finish is very thin on these, it’s quite natural wear. Former owners initials scratched in back of headstock. Frets have wear in the cowboy
positions. These instruments are crazy bargains, and it plays and sounds great. The quality of these
instruments is second to none. You don’t get a better guitar for £600. Only up at this price for the night.