Ibanez SG Doubleneck 1978 & Case

$ 3044.25

Ibanez SG Doubleneck Cherry Red BJ 1978I am offering a very well-preserved, rare Ibanez SG Doubleneck Cherry Red known as model 2404, with the original case. Nothing has been changed on this rare piece from 1978 since it was delivered in Japan, everything from 18 tuning mechanisms to the pickups is original. Back in 1978, the SG Doubleneck was almost a 1:1 replica of Gibson’s original SG doubleneck, the EDS-1275, only when Gibson’s complaints became too much did the factory in Japan stop production of this special guitar. There are only small signs of use on the MAHAGONI body. The necks are screwed. The frets are played, but don’t show any significant “waves”, hae enough life. The PUs are 2 covered, 2 open double coils, which certainly develop charm and character, depending on which amp you use. the 6-string lower half of the guitar definitely has the bite of an SG, describing 12 string tones/sounds is pointless, everyone has to develop their own judgment and listening experience. Serial number: E780126, The condition of the original case indicates that the guitar was more than 40 years it was certainly played and transported from time to time, but sparsely. In the meantime it was probably an unloved but valuable instrument that was allowed to rest in the case. The previous owner from Bavaria probably bought it but hardly played it, now the part is also available I’ve got more around than nice decorations, but with a weight of 8 kg and the big suitcase, I haven’t given him any concerts either, a few attempts to play famous doubleneck songs, that’s it. The circuit of the 3-way switch in connection with vol and tone pots to the PUs is simple and like the original SG double neck. The 12-string can be switched on alone or the 6-string, both necks are in the middle position of the rear 3-way switch with their  PUs “in progress” to enable faster switching without switching over. Testing possible in the Vienna area, shipping within the EU possible, the shipping costs are added to the purchase price/insurance as well.I am happy to answer any additional questions.Location: Vienna/Austria/EU
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