Ibanez S1027PBF S Series 7 String

$ 1300.00

This pristine work of art is a jaw dropping
instrument for a player of nearly any genre. I’ve
played everything from jazz standards to The Grateful Dead to progressive metal (yes, it will chug) on this guitar, and each sounded nothing short of amazing. The clarity and articulation of each note through the Dimarzio Pickups is absolutely astounding, so it actually brings out a better player in you and inspires one to play beyond their comfort zone. Not to mention the craftsmanship of this guitar is probably the best I’ve ever seen, using panga panga wood on the neck to poplar and mahogany on the body along with the one of a kind sunburst, this guitar will honestly have you studying and appreciating its details.

This guitar comes with the case as well, as I’m sure the buyer will want to never leave it out of their sight.

I will add I’ve only played this guitar a handful of times over the past few years because my job became a little too demanding to spend time in my studio. I’m only selling this out of necessity, so my loss is your gain.

16mm poplar burl, walnut, curly maple, and panga panga top and African mahogany body provides a complex tonal response

Prestige fret-edge treatment for ultra-smooth feel

11-piece panga panga/maple/walnut/purple heart neck

Wizard-7 neck is stronger and more resonant than 1-piece necks

Gibraltar Standard II-7 hardtail bridge for maximum sustain and tuning stability

DiMarzio PAF 7 ceramic humbucking pickups deliver vintage PAF tone and feel

Extended sonic range and premium appointments