Ibanez RGA7420FM-BLF Blue Lagoon Burst Flat 2019

$ 600.00

A great 7 string by Ibanez, I love the look of the body and fretboard and neck feel great, I am more interested in a fixed bridge 7 string but for someone who wants a tremolo this one holds tune very well.

The back cavity cover is missing from the original owner who lost it, but replacements for RG style guitars are available through many after-market sites if you want one. I found that having it off makes it easy to change spring tension when changing tuning. The truss rod cover has an easy remove cover that slides on or off, very easy to make neck relief adjustment.

All the hardware and electronics are original to the guitar, nothing has been changed. I have Slinky .09 strings on this one tuned to standard B/E.