Ibanez RG752M-DY Prestige 7-String Desert Sun Yellow 2019

$ 2100.00

2019 Ibanez RG 752 in Desert Sun Yellow. Modifications/Upgrades Include: Bareknuckle Pickups, Painkiller in the bridge, Aftermath in the neck. Tone pot delete, with 16mm Tesi toggle on/off in the original tone position, and a 16mm kill switch in the original volume position. Neck shim (installed by a professional luthier), Dunlop Strap locks with a black seatbelt style strap. Also includes a fret wrap, all tools included with original purchase, and a hardshell case. The only blemish/scratch on the entire guitar is a small almost unnoticeable scratch on the back of the body. This guitar was also fully setup by a professional luthier.