Ibanez RG550-BK 1997 – 2002, Japan, Black

$ 999.00

Ibanez 1999 Rg 550. Made in Japan. Black. There are cosmetic dings and scratches. The neck is ridiculously great. Low action. Pickups are different than Fenders and Gibsons. They more than hold there own.

Stock (and preferred) USA-designed V1/S1/V2 pickups, among the best stock pickups Ibanez has ever offered. (Only lately have folks caught on that these original USA-designed V1/S1/V2 pickups are perfect. Countless folks swapped these out and ended up regretting it.)

Built at the now-legendary Fuji-Gen factory in Japan during the GOLDEN ERA of Ibanez RG’s (1987 to 1993.) NOTHING since even comes close to these original, timeless beauties. There’s a very good reason why these first RG’s are among the most sought after instruments in the world. Even the ones for sale nowadays that look like road kill are commanding top dollar.  

The luthiers who worked at the Fuji-Gen guitar plant during the golden era years produced guitars that are simply nothing short of magic. I’ve tried all the ‘latest, greatest’ Ibanez offerings throughout the years, but I just kept coming back to these marvels. They are the epitome of PERFECTION. You simply cannot top these very first Square-Heeled, one-piece Original WIZARD neck masterpieces. Everything on these…from the top-of-the-line hardware, materials, fit, finish, workmanship and play-ability is just astounding. Simply put…these early ones are the ultimate RG’s, and when you hold one in your hands it all becomes clear. They just ooze with quality.