Ibanez RG321FMSP 2012 Transparent Gray Burst (TGB)

$ 200.00

Looking to sell this Ibanez I’ve had since 2016.

This was given to me by a friend, so this guitar has only seen two owners and is the guitar I learned how to play on. There are a few small chips (that I’ve photographed and highlighted) and micro-scratches from playing throughout the years. Besides the minor cosmetic damages, the guitar plays great with all the electronics, switches, and knobs functioning properly. The jack has gotten loose a few times in the 6 years, but is easily fixable with a quick tightening using a screwdriver. 

This guitar has not been on tour, extensively traveled with, or anything like that. At most it’s been played for a few hours a day. Hopefully this will fit into your budget or becomes your first guitar like it was mine. I’m not super technical with the specs, but I’ve tried to put as much info in this listing as I can. If you have any questions or want any specific photos, please let me know. 

This WILL include a gig bag and strap.