Ibanez RG 321 MH 2000s Carved TOP – Rattle Can FLAT BLACK – ARTWORK

$ 299.77


This guitar had stickers all over it and the previous carved his own artwork in it and sprayed it with a RATTLE CAN.

Still has some some goo residue from the stickers…. Most of it has been removed.

Neck is fast!!!

INF 3 NECK Pickup

V8 BRIDGE Pickup

***Missing Switch Tip

The RG321MH is an RG series solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez in 2004.

The RG321MH features a hard-tail bridge and a mahogany body instead of the basswood body which is more standard for RG models.

The RG321MH has been available in various finishes, including a standard black and oiled finish. In 2006, two limited edition finishes were released for the Japanese market, the so-called “multi-layer” models. In 2008, a limited edition Weathered White version came out for the European market. In 2010, the RG321MH was updated with a Gibraltar Standard bridge. For 2011, a new Blackberry Sunburst finish was added to the lineup and the Wizard II neck was renamed Wizard III.

The RG321MH was discontinued after 2012 and replaced by the very similar RG421.